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HESPRA BIO is your specialist for the distribution of special feed and bedding for biomedical research. In cooperation with renowned international partner companies, HESPRA BIO also supports you in the development of customized diets.


HESPRA BIO, your Swiss company that operates across national borders. We are your competent and reliable partner for the highest demands and quality. Convince yourself of our services and contact us.

„Our products, as constant as the Swiss Alps“


Standard feed, special diets and bedding

HESPRA BIO places the highest quality demands both on itself and on the products. That is why we only work with suppliers who have gained trust from customers all over the world through many years of experience and established products.


HESPRA BIO first feels committed to its customers. We therefore guarantee you consistently high quality through our regular supplier audits. Furthermore, it goes without saying that we only work with manufacturers who have an appropriate quality management system.


HESPRA BIO has gained with Altromin Spezialfutter GmbH & Co. KG one of the leading manufacturers of special feed for biomedical research. In cooperation with our German colleagues, we have the opportunity to offer you standard diets for all species, as well as individually formulated special diets and medicated feed. Thanks to our in-house production and packaging systems, we can supply you with any product shape, from pellets to extrudates and packaging from autoclavable paper bags to irradiated vacuum bags. Flexibility is our strength!


HESPRA BIO consistently offers you the best possible quality of bedding for laboratory animals. In this area, too, we work with renowned manufacturers who can look back on decades of experience and worldwide customer satisfaction. Our main suppliers for the bedding are Tapvei with aspen bedding and LASbedding with poplar and spruce. Here, too, we deliver flexibly from autoclavable sacks to big bags.

„Our service, as reliable as a Swiss watch“


Logistics, packaging, irradiation & analysis

HESPRA BIO sees itself as your service provider for all things life sciences. In addition to the general requirements such as loyalty and reliability, our customers can also expect more extensive services from us as described below:


HESPRA BIO takes over the complete delivery logistics for you. We have the option of equipping temporary storage facilities in order to be able to deliver at short notice. We can set up call orders or set automated deliveries. For our “pharmaceutical customers” we have a quarantine warehouse, from which we will only deliver if the GLP-compliant analysis meets your requirements and is released.
We take care of customized deliveries. If necessary, with special transporters equipped with a lifting platform and lifting truck. With our service, we would like to relieve you of as much additional work as possible in order to automate the ordering and delivery processes in the best possible way. You have an idea – we would be happy to implement it!

Packaging / Irradiation

HESPRA BIO will be happy to take on any radiation service for you. Our main products, feed and bedding, can be ordered in irradiated form anyway, but we are also happy to take on the special packaging and irradiation of everyday items for you (e.g. vacuum packaging and irradiation of disposable gloves, etc.) – Contact us, we will find a solution!


In cooperation with accredited partner laboratories, HESPRA BIO is happy to take on batch-related GLP-compliant order analyzes of your own and third-party products. Whatever needs to be analyzed – we take care of it.

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